Autocar Awards 2018: Loughborough University staff given Sturmey Award for diesel breakthrough

Steve Cropley Autocar
15 May 2018
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“It’s not rocket science,” says Jonathan Wilson, inventor of a revolutionary exhaust treatment, ACCT, that has burst onto the automotive scene promising a whole new lease of NOx-free life for modern diesel engines.

As it happens, rocket science (in the form of a ballistics laboratory) is located right next door to the crowded Loughborough University basement, buried in the bowels of the Wolfson School of Mechanical, Electrical and Manufacturing Engineering, where Wilson and his collaborator, Professor Graham Hargrave, are working at top speed to ensure that ACCT can graduate quickly to large-scale production.

So promising is the discovery that Autocar’s editors have decided to award it one of our premier accolades for 2018, the Sturmey Award, named after the magazine’s own innovator-in-chief and founding editor, Henry Sturmey, who created the magazine within a couple of days of having the idea back in 1895.

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