Infiniti shows more of single-seat electrified performance concept

Jimi Beckwith
14 August 2018
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After the retro race-inspired Prototype 9 concept of last year, Infiniti is showing its future of electrified performance at Pebble Beach in California this year.

The concept, which features an unspecified electrified powertrain, is expected to be the performance car tipped for reveal this year by design boss Alfonso Albaisa at last year’s Pebble Beach. The brand has revealed that the concept will "bridge the divide between new and old", so is expected to be another retro-inspired car like the aforementioned Prototype 9.

The Emerg-E was the brand’s last foray into performance car concepts, and it was revealed way back in 2012, so this car is expected to be something of a departure from the earlier concept. 

No details have been revealed about the car, other than it was designed by executive design director Karim Habib, who moved to Infiniti last year after a six-year tenure at BMW. 

A preview sketch shows the car’s cabin from above, revealing that it’ll be a stripped-back, single-seat speedster, with the area where a passenger seat should be covered by a sculpted panel of bodywork beneath a large V-shaped vent. The placement of these vents behind the driver suggests the car"s engine sits behind - a first for any Infiniti.