Audi e-tron: 402bhp, 490lb ft, sub-6.0sec 0-62mph confirmed

9 August 2018
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Audi has revealed that its upcoming e-tron electric SUV will get a maximum power output of 402bhp, with torque of 490lb ft, which will enable the car to reach 62mph in less than six seconds. Top speed is electronically limited to 124mph (200kph).

Under normal driving conditions, the combined power of the car"s two motors is 350bhp, with torque of 414lb ft of torque, although a boost mode unlocks the full 402bhp for up to eight seconds.

The car, which is due to be fully revealed later this year at the postponed Audi Summit, will be powered by a dual-motor powertrain using a 95kWh lithium ion battery and capable of 150kW DC fast charging. The latter is claimed as a world first and is 30kW more rapid than Tesla"s Supercharger network. It can charge the car in just 30 minutes.

Also confirmed is the use of alternating current AC chargers that can top up the battery by recovering energy on the move. As standard, the car will feature 11kW chargers for this, although 22kW chargers will be available as an option to enhance the recovery rate.

Audi also revealed details about the car"s regenerative braking system; it can recuperate up to 30% of the car"s total range, while the car brakes using an electrohydraulic system for quicker responses, thanks to the additional pressure of a hydraulic piston. The system, Audi claims, can reduce braking distance by up to 20%, as there is little delay in getting the brakes applied with full pressure.