First ride: Porsche 911 2019 prototype

10 October 2018
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From the moment I caught sight of the new Porsche 911 parked in a lowly lit car park beneath the downtown district of San Francisco, the question that sprung to mind was not so much how it actually looked but, more important, how it drove.

The essence of this iconic sports car has always been its ability to deliver on the road in a way that few cars can claim to do, and as I stood there eager to jump in to this latest incarnation, the curiosity was killing me.

It was early morning when I joined the Porsche test and development team for the final validation tests of the eighth-generation 911 – the 992, as it is known to insiders. Never one to do things by halves, Porsche had brought along a fleet of prototypes: some Carrera mules, others Carrera S prototypes. Each wore some degree of disguise along their front and rear ends, although it was not enough to fool the keener smartphone-wielding enthusiasts who would later photograph us as we drove along in convoy.

The plan was to put the new 911 through its paces on a route chosen by August Achleitner, the project leader for the new car. The drive was to take us north through the city, out over the Golden Gate Bridge and on to some superb hill roads that Porsche regularly uses to hone its new models.