Next-gen Renault Zoe targeting 250-mile range for 2019

11 October 2018

Renault"s next step in its electrification plans after the all-new Clio is a second generation Zoe EV, and disguised prototypes have been caught on the road for the first time. 

Set to arrive after the Clio towards the end of next year or early in 2020, the new Zoe is expected to use a bespoke EV platform shared across the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance. That"s instead of sharing its platform with the current Nissan Leaf, which uses an adapted version of the original 2011 Leaf"s platform. 

The bespoke electric platform, which will be used for all forthcoming small to medium-sized EVs, will allow greater battery capacity for a range target of 250 miles under the new, more real-world WLTP testing regime. That"s a match for the latest Zoe R110"s NEDC range claim, which is claimed to be around 190 miles in the real-world.

The first spyshots to emerge show prototypes testing with the usual body camouflage. However, we can clearly see that the Zoe"s overall profile won"t change dramatically, with detail changes including a front-end more in-line with the upcoming Clio, LED lighting and a curvier rear-end shape. The roof appear to have humps running the length of it, but that may be part of the car"s disguise.