Product review: XCP Professional Chain Lube

Tester Simon Brown

Time tested: 12 months

This lube has been caring for the chain on my Ducati Scrambler FT and I’ve been pleased with its performance. It leaves a thin film, which neither attracts dirt onto the chain nor flings off all over the wheels and bodywork; a neater result in my book than chain wax type sprays.

I apply a dosage once a week during normal commuting/weekend riding and that seems to do the trick. One thing to watch out for is that the spray comes out quite quickly. When it first came on the market XCP used a long nozzle straw and if you weren’t careful the delivery to the chain could be difficult to control.

They’ve now opted for a shorter nozzle which works better (I just modified mine with a pair of scissors). Also, note that if you are generous with the spray you can see a few spots of oil on the garage floor afterwards. 

Price £9.99

Quality Four stars

Value Four stars



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