6 of the best chain lubes around

Just in case you need it, here are the top six highest-rated chain lubes on the MCN Shop...

Wurth High Performance (500ml) around £9.69 

Based on a wax formula, this dry Wurth lube promises not to fling off, or attract dirt and grit from the road surface, which helps increase chain life. Buyers agree, with reviewers commending it for its no mess, no fuss properties. 










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Castrol Racing chain lube - around £8.17

This fully synthetic lube features a unique chemical composition to help combat corrosion, as well as helping to prevent the lube being washed away in wet conditions. It’s suitable for all chain types, and dries to a colourless finish. 

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SDoc100 White Chain Lube - around £5.93

Helps to prolong chain life by coating your bike’s links in a protective white, lubricating membrane. SDoc have formulated this lube to give excellent penetration properties with absolutely no fling-off.

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Motul C4 Factory Line chain lube - around £10.45

This lube is recommended for high-performance bikes because of its highly sticky, fling-resistant properties. Sold as being safe for O-ring chains, it’s actually a water-based lube.

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Silkolene Titanium Dri Gel - around £14.45

Enriched with PTFE, this easy-to- apply gel claims to leave chains looking as-new. Highly resistant to fling, it features additives to help combat corrosion, even in the most extreme of conditions.

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XCP Professional Chain Lube - around £12.50

Made in the UK, XCP is an ultra- thin lube that promises to keep your links well-oiled and grit- free while providing high levels of fling protection. Regular use will help to keep you chain easier to clean in the future.

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